Sam Taylor

A Brighton UK-based content creator, Sam has worked with some world-conquering brands, including Cartoon Network, Marvel and Screen Rant.When he's not writing about the latest next-gen tech insights, he's probably off walking the dog, reading comics, eating sushi and listening to podcasts, or doing his weekly improv course.
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AI and extinction: Biden and Sunak to Debate The Issue

Better Call Biden! Sunak and Biden to discuss the potential threat of…

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AI Art Controversy: Illustrator Backs Out Of Festival

A professional book illustrator has backed out of hosting a masterclass at…

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Breast Cancer Diagnosis: AI ‘Better’ Than Doctors

Researchers from Google Health and Imperial College London have developed an AI…

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Artificial Intelligence Could Soon Mark Students’ Homework

The UK Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan, has proposed the use of artificial…

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Tech Giants Called To White House Over Dangers Of AI

Big Tech bosses have been summoned to the White House for an…

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Mushroom Leather The Fungi Future of Fashion

Mushroom Leather The Fungi Future of Fashion California-based materials innovation company, Bolt…

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